Y’all, I won’t lie, I’ve been watching a lot of Hallmark movies, and I won’t even say “lately”, I just watch a lot of them all the time!! I’ve been wanting to do a date night post and was trying to figure out if it should be winter ideas or year-round ideas, anywhere ideas or just Anderson things. And as I was making what I thought would be my downtown date night ideas list, the “12 Dates of Christmas” idea came to me (very Hallmark inspired). Some of these will be for all over Anderson (or really any town) and some will be things to do in your home! You can do these in order or at random, and some can be done at the same time if you want to. Make it your own and have fun! I’d love for you to tag me on Instagram… oh wait, should we have a bingo board?? I think we should! Read until the end to get all the details! 

12 date night ideas for small towns during Christmas | Anderson, SC | Katharine Marie Weddings

Partridge in a Pear Tree

Obviously the first one has to be get your tree, decorate it and find a bird or pear ornament to put in it! Shop in local boutiques like The BeeHive, Tracie Starr Home or antique stores for your special ornament. 

2 Turtle Doves

When I think of turtle and doves I think of caramel & chocolate. For this date night, grab some delicious chocolate from Cocobon or a caramel mocha from eCity Java or Figs (they may even have some caramel chocolate ice-cream!). Bundle this one with date 10 to complete them both at once.

You can even play secret Santa and drop the chocolates off to a loved one or even a stranger! Last year I was on a homemade caramel kick – regular, coffee, and chocolate. If you’d rather stay in, try making some homemade caramel!

3 French Hens

This one can be done in a few ways – you can have a brunch date at Mr. Rivers Breakfast Joint or have a date night at home and have breakfast for dinner. (Make sure to order or make french toast or something with eggs for this one to count in the bingo). 

4 Calling Birds

One tradition that we did pretty much from when I was three to about 2 years ago was Christmas caroling, and I think this is just the year to bring this back! So many people are stuck at home and need some cheer, which as Buddy the Elf would say “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” which means clearly this is a must for 2020! Grab a few friends and head out to your neighborhoods, local retirement homes (stay outside!), and around town. (Bonus points if you dress  up super christmas-y or elf like!)

5 Golden Rings

Have you seen the new ornament stack in Downtown Anderson? Okay, there are more than 5, but take a picture with them while you complete date 9 too!

6 Geese a Laying

There’s a tradition in downtown of laying scarves at the Christmas tree or around the Mr. Whitner statue to help keep Anderson warm in the winter. Grab an extra you have (or buy new) and add to the collection or donate it to The Haven of Rest or The Lot Project! Also, you can also sponsor a child in foster care in your area or donate to a local women’s pregnancy shelter

7 Swans a Swimming

We all know Anderson can have mildly warm temperatures this time of year, so when the weather is nice have a picnic by Cater’s lake or at the Civic Center. (Bonus entries if you see swans or geese and give them some treats!)

8 Maids a milking

Spend a night making various types of cookies and drinking milk. I’d be playing How the Grinch Stole Christmas or The Santa Clause while making cookies. Our family loves gingerbread cookies and use an old recipe from Southern Living to make ours…yummy!

9 Ladies Dancing

Holiday Ice opens on December 4th, so head on down for First Friday (or any night really) and dance the night away!

10 Lords a Leaping

There’s more than 10 stops here, but leap (or walk) around Downtown Anderson to listen to Storefront Storybook’s “The Magic Snowflake” and grab coffee at E City Java or Figs! 

11 Pipers Piping

Time to pipe those cookies! You can pair this with date number 8, or grab cookie kits from Sweet Anomaly’s or Cutesy Cookies to decorate at home.

12 Drummers Drumming

Play Christmas music as you drive around town looking at Christmas lights! This is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas (outside of caroling).

Want more date night ideas? My dear friend, Jess Freeman and her husband dated through the ABCs and wrote a guide all about it. You can grab their guide here! There’s 26 letters of the alphabet and 52 weeks of the year, so do it twice (there’s multiple suggestions per letter) and you’ll have your 2021 date nights planned out!


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