When you get engaged, you step into a world that’s different from normal for a while. Although your friends and family are excited for you, they’ve got other things on their mind than your wedding and that’s okay! I’ve polled over 50 other brides who have been in your shoes and want to offer you some advice about planning your wedding. 

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to planning your wedding? Here are the top 5 pieces of advice from brides who have been in your shoes.  |  Katharine Marie Weddings


Ask for help

Even if you have a planner or are DIYing your wedding, there will be things you’ll need help with. Don’t overload your family and friends (remember, they’re not eating, breathing sleeping your wedding), but you can ask them kindly to help with some of the details. They may even ask, so have a list of small tasks you don’t mind letting go of, but make sure you thank them a lot!


Hire the professionals

They’re professionals for a reason. Your photographer, planner, caterer do this for a living and know more about weddings than you do. Share your vision with them and let them worry about the how it all gets done.

Have pictures of what you would like, share the picture with your day of coordinator. But in the end, it will all work out great! – Brooke G. 

Make sure to have a day of coordinator to make sure you don’t have to worry about the little things! When the big day comes you should be focused on getting ready and the groom!  – Bethany J.

Know what is important to you as a couple

Each couple is different. Some couples want a full service, plated dinner while others want to hire a 5-piece+ band to play all night long or have an open bar for their guests. You and your fiance should sit down and go over what is a “must” for your wedding. Is it the live band/dj, beautiful florals, unique venue, amazing photographer, number of guests? This is where you spend your money and get them booked first.   

It’s your day (but it is your family’s too)

That one got ya didn’t it? If your parents or future in-laws are helping pay for the wedding, you need to be respectful of their budget and opinions. Before any big decisions are made, have the conversation with them about priorities too and let them know you value their opinions. In the end you have to make decisions that will make happy. Throughout the whole process you may have to remind everyone that it is about your marriage.

It’s about managing expectations of your parents, future in-laws, and even fiancé. – Anne H.

And the number one thing other brides want you to know –



In the end, it doesn’t matter if the chairs were crooked or the candles didn’t all get lit, although we hope this doesn’t happen! The whole point of the wedding is that you end up married to the man of your dreams. If you’ve hired professionals, made decisions based on what’s important to you, your wedding will happen. All of the small things will be behind you in 24 hours and your happily ever after will begin!

No matter what happens, you are marrying the man of your dreams. Nothing gets better than that and the wedding day will only be perfect because of that simple truth. – Steph C.

If you are feeling stressed or worried, take a step back and remember the real reason you are getting married to begin with! – Amanda W.