Finding the perfect wedding dress to fit your body shape doesn’t have to be hard. This is the first in a series where I’ll be covering the different body shapes and what type of dresses would look good on them. But today I just want to talk about knowing your own body shape and how you want to dress it! If you don’t know what your shape is (and what you love about it), you’ll have a hard time finding any dress you love.


Know Your Body Shape

First things first – do you know what shape your body is? I won’t advocate that these are the ONLY categories, but these are the main ones and none of them are “wrong”. God created our bodies individually for each of us, and sure many of us say we want to lose 5-10 lbs, but our body structure can’t really be altered. I also don’t love the names of these, but they are the simplest to understand


You may have a round shape if you are all curves without a true waistline.


Ladies who have rectangular shapes have zero curves and are the same size through their shoulders, waist, hips, and thighs.


If you have broader shoulders and a proportionately smaller waist and hips, then you my dear are a triangle.

Inverted Triangle

This is the exact opposite of a triangle body shape – you feel like you have no shoulders, but you definitely have some great hips going on.


Hourglass ladies are the ones of you who have curves on top and bottom, but are smaller in your waist (this is me!)


Diamond ladies are the opposite of the hourglass ones. You’ve got a smaller chest and hips/thighs but your waist is larger than them both.


Please hear me out, there is nothing wrong with being any of these shapes, but it is imperative to know what shape you are. Growing up, I watched so much “what not to wear” with my mom and sister that I can hear Stacey and Clint in my head right now. You are perfect and beautiful.

Finding the perfect wedding dress to fit your body shape doesn't have to be hard, but first you've got to know what your shape is! | Katharine Marie Weddings

Know Your Loves and Dislikes

Now that you know what shape you are, think about what you do and don’t like about your body. This is not talking about your weight! This is talking about your shape. I used to not like my curves, until I learned to dress them properly (aka how to show them off without wearing clothes too small). Because of this, I always thought I would choose a ballgown shaped dress to hide my hips. But you know what? If I was to get engaged right now, I’d very highly consider a more fitted style (still in shock myself). My sister was always more athletic and toned and smaller (a rectangle) than I was and I assumed she’d pick a fitted dress for her wedding day, but she picked a sweetheart ballgown to give her a little more shape on her special day.

Some people who have curves love to show them off but not everyone with curves wants a fitted dress. You may want to highlight your broad shoulders, or you may not. Consider how you dress in your everyday life. Do you wear form-fitting clothing or always something loose? Do you want to highlight or hide your waistline or bust?


If you’re still not sure, just try on a few different styles and start looking at the way it fits on your body. Once you decide you whether you want something fitted or something that shows off your neckline, you’ll be able to try on all the styles in that shape.