Last fall, one of my sweet friends, Lacy Currie, in Atlanta asked me to coordinate her wedding day. Lacy and Chad met the same way she and I did, and I had the privilege of not only helping with their wedding day, but watching them fall in love over the years and say “I do” in December 2017. Lacy and I bonded over our love of planning, great clothes and Jesus. The heart of this couple is just as beautiful as they are and I’m excited to share them with you.

Meet the Couple: Lacy and Chad | Katharine Marie Weddings

How Lacy and chat met

We met on May 1, 2016 while serving at church. Having exchanged numerous glances in the weeks prior (with a prolonged one the day before that Chad read as the official “go-ahead”), Chad confidently walked up to Lacy, stuck out his hand, and introduced himself. After several minutes of talking, Chad shared that he graduated with a degree in landscape architecture, but was in the process of applying to dental school. He assured her it was an interesting story that he would love to tell her over coffee. (How smooth is he?!?!?) Reluctant to end the conversation, Lacy told Chad she had friends waiting to take her to a birthday brunch and the two exchanged numbers with plans to talk again soon. Interestingly, one of Lacy’s friends observed the conversation, recognized it was special, and decided to take a picture of the two to document the “first interaction.” As they walked away, her friend remarked, “so, what is your new last name?”

Lacy and Chad | Atlanta Engagement | Charlie and Morgan Photography | Katharine Marie Weddings

What was your first date?

Our first date was May 7, 2016. Chad arrived at the coffee shop an hour early to scope out the scene and pick the perfect patio table. Lacy, on the other hand, was busy texting outfit options to friends to ensure she picked the perfect first date attire. When she arrived, they ordered coffee (Lacy was so nervous and excited that she blankly stared at the menu, waited for Chad to order, and simply said, “me too.”) and sat down to get to know one another. Chad asked Lacy about her relationship with Jesus and she was smitten. For the next three hours, they talked about family, work, values, hobbies… even politics! They laughed and connected and eventually hugged goodbye, agreeing to do it all again soon.

Lacy and Chad | Atlanta Engagement | Charlie and Morgan Photography | Katharine Marie Weddings

As a few dates quickly turned into many, Chad and Lacy realized that much of their time together would be at church– both served as Doorholders (Psalm 84:10) at Passion City Church and spending multiple nights a week at church events was not uncommon. The next several months were packed with dates around Atlanta, a couple of great trips, and many days serving together. With every name tag she collected, Lacy saw more clearly Chad’s heart for Jesus and her heart for him grew. Apparently, the sentiment was shared and on July 28, 2016 Chad told Lacy that he was in love with her. Lacy struggled to let him finish his speech (complete with a beautiful necklace to remember the day) before excitedly responding that she loved him too.

How did you know each other was “the one”?

Lacy: We made several trips to see my grandfather and each time Chad invested in building a relationship with him. I can distinctly remember Thanksgiving day of 2016—I looked over to see Chad and my grandfather talking, and for the first time had an overwhelming sense of peace that I wasn’t going to lose my firm foundation when I said goodbye to my grandfather. I knew that day that I wanted to marry Chad.

Lacy and Chad | Atlanta Engagement | Charlie and Morgan Photography | Katharine Marie Weddings

The Proposal

In the fall of 2016, Chad and Lacy begin watching Downton Abbey together. Like serving, it became the foundation of many dates. Some of their favorite nights started with several episodes of Downton and ended with terrible British accents and uncontrollable laughter. The two eventually decided that a trip to the closest version of Downton was a must: The Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina.

Lacy and Chad finally set off to Asheville the weekend before Valentine’s Day. Saturday started with a beautiful day hike up to Catawba Falls and ended with an amazing dinner downtown at Rhubarb. The next morning, Chad and Lacy headed to the Biltmore to spend the day touring the estate. They started with a private, behind-the-scenes tour of the house, followed by a guided tour of the prominent rooms of the estate. Halfway through the tour, Lacy noticed Chad repeatedly glancing at his watch and assumed he must be getting hungry. Despite her best efforts to end the tour early to get lunch, Chad insisted she fully enjoy the experience. They then headed to Cedric’s Tavern for a late lunch, and afterward Chad suggested they hurry back to the Biltmore to see the Gardens before the estate closed for the day. Lacy wasn’t sure they would have time, but Chad seemed pretty adamant; she assumed the landscape architect in him had been waiting for this all day!

Lacy and Chad | Biltmore Engagement | Andrew May Photography | Katharine Marie Weddings

At 4:40PM on February 12, 2017, Chad led Lacy down steps to the gardens of the Biltmore Estate. He guided her down a vined trellis walkway and then asked her to walk onto the tennis lawn with him. She was sure this was not a Biltmore-approved thing to do and started to resist. Chad took her hand to reassured her it was okay just as she saw a single rose lying in the grass. The next five minutes was the stuff of fairy tales. Down on one knee, Chad reflected on their relationship and praised God for His plan and perfect timing. He reassured Lacy that he loved every piece of her story and was excited to continue to build their story. Meanwhile, Lacy was sobbing and desperately trying to focus on every word that left his lips. A moment that will forever be a favorite for the couple, Chad asked Lacy to spend the rest of her life with him. One of the deepest desires of her heart was filled as she confirmed her second greatest yes (behind her decision to follow Jesus) with an ecstatic, “a million times YES!” (Matthew 6:33)

Lacy and Chad | Biltmore Engagement | Andrew May Photography | Katharine Marie Weddings

Chad hired a Andrew May Photography to capture the proposal. Lacy and Chad spent the next hour walking around the now-closed Biltmore Estate to take engagement photos. Despite her puffy eyes it would become the hour that Lacy treasured most that night. It was an hour of staring into the eyes of the man she would soon get to call her husband. It was an hour of celebrating a commitment to support, love, and champion one another forever. Most importantly, it was an hour of rejoicing in God’s immeasurably more. Chad and Lacy then set off to dinner in a private dining room at the Biltmore Inn. It was a 4-course meal fit for the Crawley’s, complete with roses and champagne.


Allie’s notes: I saw Lacy two days later at church and she was beaming. Their love for each other had always been evident; and with the promise of forever on the horizon, Lacy and Chad seemed happier than ever.


I’ll be sharing their wedding soon and will link it back here!


First interaction photo: Best friend Emily Floyd Biltmore Proposal photography: Andrew May Photography Atlanta Engagement photography: Charlie and Morgan Photography (Locations: Passion City Church & Piedmont Park)

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