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Choosing your wedding dress is something you’ve most likely dreamed about for years, or at least since your fiance put the ring on your finger. We want you to remember that moment just as much as you do your wedding day. Gather your favorite ladies to make memories that will last a lifetime}.

Your wedding day is one you’ll look back on for years to come and we want you to love every minute of it. Throughout the wedding planning process, we’ll ensure you will have memories that will last a lifetime.


Katharine Marie Story


Owning a wedding boutique has been a dream of mine for over 10 years now. It was a dream my Momma and I talked about constantly. In 2014, I told Momma that if she were ready, I’d stop applying to jobs in New York and stay home. At the time, her business wasn’t at the place where she could invest time in both businesses. So off to New York, uh I mean, Atlanta I went.

Over Thanksgiving in 2016, Momma and I began to plan to open a bridal shop in the coming years. We talked about attending the Atlanta Bridal show in April 2017 and wanted to start looking at a business plan for opening the store. What happened a week later would change my life forever, but would push me further towards my dreams.

The very next Friday, Momma had a heart attack and passed away a few days later. To say my world was rocked in more ways than one is an understatement. I talked with a mentor/coaching friend, Katie, who told me to keep dreaming about the store but to also give my heart some time to heal. I gave myself some time to decide if I could do this without Momma and would I even want to.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2017 and I laid out my business plans to my Daddy (who also is a business owner) and it seemed like our timelines and plans were on the same schedule. It was time to put actions to my dreams!

You may be wondering if Katharine Marie is my Momma’s name and here’s the story behind the name. My great-great Aunt Katharine on my Daddy’s side had a bridal store just a few blocks over from where I plan to open my store (and it is where Momma got her wedding dress)! Marie is my Momma’s middle name and I just really thought combining them sounded so elegant and was the perfect tribute to them both.



Owner and Planner


I’m AllieDanae and you can call me Allie, AllieD, or AD! I was born and raised here in Anderson, South Carolina. In 2012 I graduated from The University of Georgia – Go Dawgs! Event & wedding planning were two things I always loved, but it wasn’t until after college when I really recognized planning was a gift I had. My older sister got married in November of 2011 and I loved every minute of being her MOH. I thought to myself “Maybe this was my life’s calling!” but I  wondered if I could ever make a living helping others plan their own weddings. After college, my friends began getting married and a few asked me to help coordinate their receptions. Again, I loved every minute of it. I finally decided it was time to chase my dreams and here we are today! I am confident that I can help you plan the wedding of your dreams while relieving the stress that comes from wedding planning.

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