There are a lot of details that go into a wedding day. Trying to keep track of them all (especially without a planner – couldn’t help myself), can still leave something falling through the cracks. So today, I’m sharing the number one thing couples forget on their wedding day.

Feed your people and Don’t forget to eat yourself

This may seem like a no-brainer, and even sometimes I forget to mention it because I just assume it is a no-brainer, but it is 100% worth a whole blog on this topic. Most think about at least breakfast for the girls (hello mimosas and muffins) but nothing for lunch or for the guys at all. 

Let’s think about this – if you eat breakfast around 9-10am and it’s mainly sugar or carbs, by the time you have a 4:30pm ceremony, cocktail hour from 5-6pm, grand entrance at 6pm, dinner by 6:15pm – you probably haven’t had real sustenance (Elle Woods anyone?) since about 11am. I don’t know about you, but this girl needs to eat! 

The guys tend to get forgotten because they might not even come to the venue until about 1pm. If they don’t have a designated lunch plan before they arrive, they may not really have eaten anything since breakfast either. We really don’t want hungry guys during pictures, am I right? 

And please, don’t forget to eat yourself. Even if you don’t feel hungry, grab a nugget or two. Drink a few bottles of water or gatorade too, so you’ll be hydrated all day long. If I can grab time for my couples to eat some appetizers before their grand entrance, I do, but if not, we make sure they have a plate ready to go before making the rounds. 

Food ideas for your wedding day

For breakfast, definitely start with mimosas – you can even make these non-alcoholic if you’d like. Then consider a protein and some carbs. We love a chicken mini tray, or if you’re local to Anderson, bagel sandwiches from The Corner Bagel! Fruits like strawberries and bananas are also a good option. 

When it comes to lunch, think again about protein. If you didn’t do a chicken mini tray for breakfast, a nugget tray makes a perfect lunch option! A sandwich tray from Grouchos or Publix is also a really great idea. Adding in some cheese strings, slim jims, and cookies makes for great grab-n-go snacks for both guys and girls. 

Don’t forget something to drink! Most venues don’t have cups and stuff hanging around, so you’ll want to consider a pack or two of water, gatorades, and plates/napkins too. One vendor friend and bride herself, Rachel Deneroy, also suggested over-hydrating all week long so that way you’re already ahead of the game. ← we love this! 

Other Things to consider on your wedding day

These next few are coming from brides on our social media. 

  1. A first look – some say do and some say don’t! I have so many feelings about this personally that I’ll do a whole video/blog on it soon. 
  2. Private last dance – these are becoming more and more popular, and while I know a few vendors who don’t love it, I’m 1000000000% on board!! 
  3. Having parents swap sides so they can see their loved one’s face – I’ve had a friend almost do this a few years back, and I am either way on this. A sucker for tradition, but also understand why this would be a great move! 
  4. Stay together during the reception – YES PLEASE! Whether you’re doing a first look or not, definitely stay together during the reception. You’ll both be pulled in a million directions, but we want you to enjoy your reception as a couple. It makes it easier to speak to all the guests together too! Also, as a vendor it is nice to be able to grab you for cake cutting, toasts, photos, etc. 
  5. Grab an extra lip color from your hair/make-up artist – okay this is a GREAT idea. Sometimes they’ll leave a touch-up kit, but if they don’t, ask them what color they’re going to use (or used during your trial) and buy an extra. Plus anytime you wear this after the wedding you’ll be taken right back to this special day. 

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